Quickstop Free – Quickstop is an SMS-based app to help Metro Vancouver transit users.

Quickstop Free

Quickstop is an SMS-based app to help Metro Vancouver transit users.

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Tired of switching back and forth between your texting app and a list of bus stops you wrote down? Quickstop consolidates both into the same place, allowing you to quickly use TransLink’s Next Bus texting feature.

You can type in a 5-number stop ID at the home screen and press Send to fire off a message to TransLink for bus times. You can save stop ID’s with a description and other information, and select from this list of saved stops to send a text. Saved stops can be edited/deleted and set for Quick Texting, which allows you to send a text in three clicks (and text confirmation dialogs can be turned off in Settings to make this two clicks). Over time, Quickstop will keep track of which stops you text most often and allow you to sort stops by most frequent texting.

Note: if your phone does not receive texts back from TransLink within a minute of sending a text, you may want to try texting the stop manually via your usual texting program to see if you get a response there. You can also try texting other short-code numbers (via your regular texting program) such as 22222 [CBC News] with “Help”, and see if that succeeds.

Note: this application is not affiliated with BC TransLink. This version is free and ad-supported. Texting may incur costs depending on your texting plan.

If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, please feel free to email!

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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