OBINAVI2 – GPS radar detector OBINAVI2


GPS radar detector OBINAVI2

OBINAVI2 screenshot 0OBINAVI2 screenshot 1OBINAVI2 screenshot 2OBINAVI2 screenshot 3

– Already use the SA001 OBINAVI1, our products sold separately Those who upgraded to VER2: SAUG1 and purchase OBINAVI upgrade 1, will the receiver unit that is your subject will need to have sent to us.
  How to send the receiver part, refer to the manual procedures that are shipped with the SAUG1 OBINAVI upgrade 1.
And response to the horizontal screen, we apologize for very delay inconvenience.

– It is GPS radar detector that uses a smartphone.
– It uses a dedicated cradle and set. (E near the famous mosquitoes – please purchase separately supplies shop and our part number SA-002..)
· Standby screen three types available. Main / simple display / MAP display
Main on the screen I is equipped with seven sub-modes.
– You can arrange a warning to their flow. Select the warning color of each warning the target from four types, you can set the warning sound from the 15 types.
· Attached to the dashboard, etc. sucker cradle that can easily.
· Equipped one MICRO USB port that can charge the smartphone.
Receivers and smartphones will wireless communication with BLUE TOOTH.
(Before starting the application, the receiver of this product ON (energized state), in the state of ON smartphone BLUE TOOTH, please let the selected pairing OBINAVI smartphone of BLUE TOOTH setting)

Main function
· GPS radar (speed enforcement machine, enforcement point, police station, N system, parking violation enforcement area, passing speed voice / history, SA / PA, school zone, Road Station
Radar / radio reception (car locator, 350.1MHz, X / K band, digital radio, crackdown especially small radio, Shokatsu-based radio, police activities radio, emergency radio, fire radio, wrecker wireless, JH wireless, security wireless, WIDE wireless)
Stealth correspondence.
-Point registration point (50) warning notice can be edited.
· Passing speed history (5)
One touch mute

This product, we have manufactured and sold for the purpose of promoting safe driving. Regardless of the presence or absence of the warning, and attention to the issue too much speed, please correctly running observe the traffic rules.
– Please stop operation and screen gaze by the driver while driving because it becomes the cause of the accident.
– Regardless of the presence or absence of the use of this product, deductions and fines due to speeding and parking violations such as running, with respect to accidents, we will not assume any responsibility.
This product monetary damages caused by the error of the display and alerts, such as for lost profits, we will not assume any responsibility.
This product use smartphone of failure due to, corruption, for damages, we will not assume any responsibility.
· Detailed fit, etc. Please check our HP, etc..

Yak HP


See detail information:


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