LX Cycle – FREE – LXCycle – The Application of Cyclists Alfacinhas

LX Cycle - FREE

LXCycle – The Application of Cyclists Alfacinhas

LX Cycle - FREE screenshot 0LX Cycle - FREE screenshot 1LX Cycle - FREE screenshot 2LX Cycle - FREE screenshot 3LX Cycle - FREE screenshot 4


for lack of personal time, support and development of this application is suspended.
will be online the free version for reference, keeping the current features.
I hope one day to get back in time, but for now it is impossible to say when
Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback.

LX Cycle is aa application of Urban Cyclists Lisbon.

With hundreds of available POIs, has information which stores, gas stations, bike paths and nearest car parks.

Use the calendar to meet all running bike events and more.

If -Previna-rain with weather forecasts for the next 24 hours

-Collaborate With other cyclists, and help add new POIs and the database Events
To add a POI click the prolonged way map.

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com


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