Park.IT – SF Parking EZ – Find SF street and garage spaces, secret parking and avoid parking tickets.

Park.IT - SF Parking EZ

Find SF street and garage spaces, secret parking and avoid parking tickets.

Park.IT - SF Parking EZ screenshot 0Park.IT - SF Parking EZ screenshot 1Park.IT - SF Parking EZ screenshot 2Park.IT - SF Parking EZ screenshot 3Park.IT - SF Parking EZ screenshot 4Park.IT - SF Parking EZ screenshot 5

Park.IT SF works only for San Francisco.

ParkIT SF – A FREE mobile parking app helps you find parking you could use. It interprets the parking rules by sending alerts if you are about to violate it, thus saving money.

The App shows, where you can park on street [free or paid (cost/hr)] or Garage. ParkIT helps you understand the complicated street parking rules laid out by SFMTA.

ParkIT SF takes into account all of San Francisco city (SFMTA) street parking regulations, including: No Parking zones, Street Cleaning, Metered parking, Tow Away Zones, Inclined parking and Residential parking limits.

ParkIT SF helps you find parking either around where you are at or near your driving destination in the following manner,
•Specify a parking duration (30min to 3 days)
•Enter your driving destination address (Type or Speak) OR select current location
•Choose to display only what is desired: Street parking, No parking areas, Parking garages

Additional supported features,
•In-phone notification in case the specified parking duration is exceeded or instant alerts like active tow away, street sweeping, or incline parking. This saves you getting parking tickets from PEO (Parking Enforcement officer).
•For metered street parking or parking garages, the cost per hour is shown.
•If SFPark metered spaces with sensors are available, the live number of open spaces are displayed.
•Whether street parking or parking garages, detailed information can be seen by clicking on the street parking or parking garage icon.
•Displays (Red hat Pin) your parked spot in case you have forgotten.

•The legend on the bottom right corner of the screen describes the icons
•ParkIT SF Smartphone parking App works only for San Francisco as of now.

Get parking in San Francisco,
SF Sunday Streets
San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival
San Francisco LGBT Pride
Annual North Beach Festival
San Francisco’s Union Street Festival
America’s cup
SF Theater Festival
San Francisco trip advisor
San Francisco traffic and weather
SF Muni bus & trains

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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