InstaMPG – View your car's live MPG while driving…


View your car’s live MPG while driving…

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View your car’s live MPG while driving…

This application will help you to save money on gas. You can use this application while driving and it will display your car’s live MPG (Miles per Gallon) on your phone!
You can also view your trip’s average MPG. Find out which road is better for your wallet. You will become an expert on gas consumption.

How does this work ?
The application asks you to enter the current car you are using. Then it downloads the data of other persons that are using the same car as you and determines the live MPG depending on your speed, acceleration, decceleration etc…
The application supports 99% of cars in the US between 1984 and 2012.
Please note that the application cannot take into account certains parameters, like if you are using AC or not.
In the next updates we will probably be adding some extra calculations like if there is a strong wind in the opposite direction of your car.

The application downloads the data when you are adding the car, no Internet is required while driving.

The application uses your phone’s GPS to determine the speed of your car. No data is send to our servers, we take your privacy very seriously.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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