GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa – GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa

GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa

GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa

GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa screenshot 0GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa screenshot 1GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa screenshot 2GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa screenshot 3GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa screenshot 4GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa screenshot 5GuaguApp Tenerife Titsa screenshot 6

Application providing information on Tenerife bus services including real-time arrivals and departures for each stop.

The application includes:

– Map showing all of the island’s bus stops as well as geolocation to find the nearest bus stop(s) based on the user’s current position. Clicking on a bus stop allows the user to see live information for that stop. It also includes the option to view the complete bus route by pressing the corresponding button. Both map and satellite view available.

– Automatic search facility to search for bus routes according to route number, origin or destination. Results include a chronological list of stops for that route with a click-to-view option showing their location on the map. To facilitate the user’s search, any recently viewed routes will also be shown.

– List of bus stops with automatic search facility based on bus stop number or address. Clicking on any of these will show their location on the map as well as any recently viewed stops.

– List of timetables by route number and days (Monday – Friday, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). For easy-of-use recently viewed timetables will also be shown.

– Ability to add ‘most used’ or ‘favourite’ bus stops – allowing quicker navigation to the real-time information required.

– Automatic translation of the application on German, Catalan, French, English, Italian, Polish and Portuguese devices.

– An all inclusive route planner that not only identifies the best bus route for your journey but also offers interesting and relevant information related to it.

The data used by GuaguApp is provided directly by Titsa and thus GuaguApp does not take any responsibility for the reliability of this information. If at any time the information given is inaccurate or not available it is not the fault of the application and hence GuaguApp cannot be held responsible in case of any setbacks caused to the user as a result.

This application does not belong to Titsa but to the developers. However we are grateful to Titsa for agreeing to provide us with the necessary information for the development of this application.

Any suggestions for improvements or changes and even complaints are much appreciated as we endeavour to make the application as user-friendly as possible.

See detail information and download apk file:


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