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The transit and urban mobility are social and economic challenges in Brazil. The increase of circulating vehicles on Brazilian roads demand more investment in urban planning. To contribute to the improvement of this scenario, the Multipark launched its free app of parking solutions that aim to minimize the problems of mobility of the major centers in the country
With over 270 car parks across Brazil, aMultiPark offers a mobile solution providing all your information from addresses, price lists, opening times, payment methods, occupancy rates of garages in real time and even reserve anticipated vacancies in certain parking lots.
Key Features:

Compare Prices: View prices already calculated in accordance with their residence time map, as well as hundreds of detailed parking data sheets.

Hours of Operation: Easily locate open parking map. Avoid going to a garage and being confronted with the doors closed.
Occupancy Rate in Real Time: Check the availability of vacancies in various parking lots in major metropolitan areas where the Multipark is present.
Timer: Activate the timer to get to your destination to avoid exceeding schedules and tracks pay more for your stay.
Tracer Routes and Window Entry: Ask for directions on how to get to your destination and the app will display the exact location of the car park entrance and trace the route to your destination via Apple Maps.
Online Booking: Book your stay in advance and buy in selected parking lots daMultiPark.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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