Avaluador PATIOTuerca – Know the market value of any vehicle in Ecuador, Panama and Bolivia.

Avaluador PATIOTuerca

Know the market value of any vehicle in Ecuador, Panama and Bolivia.

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You know how much your car? Want to know how much they would pay for your bike?

The Assessor of PATIOTuerca PlayStore is now available and FREE!

This famous tool has become a reference query to know the market value of all vehicles in several Latin American countries. We are the favorite tool of financial, insurance, auto, patios (dealers) and thousands of users who consult more than 45,000 monthly appraisals in Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama.

Why are we the most accurate?
Our Assessor uses historical data from vehicles that are advertised or already were recently sold through our site PATIOTuerca.com. This guarantees you highly accurate information on appraisals.


– You know the commercial value of: Cars, Heavy, Motorcycle, Machinery, Bikes, Aquatic and more.
– For a general appraisal only you must enter: type, make, model, year and go!
– If you want a more specific appraisal, you can filter your results by cities, fuel, drive, transmission, subtypes, tours, ventilation and glazing system.
– Graph historical information appraisals 12 months
– Number of vehicles found in the base, average value, maximum, minimum and recommended
– Automatically send an email with information courtesy of Assessment

NOTE: To use this application, you must have an account PATIOTuerca in each country in which you want to perform appraisals. You can create your account on the same application.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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