Мультитакси Харьков: Водитель – An application to work in a taxi through the Internet.

Мультитакси Харьков: Водитель

An application to work in a taxi through the Internet.

Мультитакси Харьков: Водитель screenshot 0Мультитакси Харьков: Водитель screenshot 1Мультитакси Харьков: Водитель screenshot 2

Modern program to work in a taxi through the Internet.

Key features:

-saving Fuel supply of the car to the customer
-Allows The driver to submit the vehicle to the customer as soon as possible
-Allows The driver to operate even if he does not know the city, because the program shows the distance from the driver before any order
-Allows The driver to choose the mode of operation between the radii and sectors
-The Operation of the radius of each driver, wherever he went, always gets the first order, the order is only created at the intersection of the radii
Telephony system is fully controlled workflow notifications drivers on the appointment or to order the withdrawal of a reservation call his phone number and automatically reminds the driver to recharge your account
-saving Time customer expectations, the system automatically informs the client of the arrival of the car, and also urges customers every 5 minutes. if they do not leave
-saving The cost of the radio or the PTT, any changes on the order of displaying the driver in “Note” in real time
-saving The cost of the trip to the office to pay for orders
-The Positioning on the ground, you can top up your balance at any time, via the nearest terminal
-The Program works on any device with the presence of the Internet browser, allowing you to be positioned on the ground, even if the phone does not support GPS or no support for JAVA applications
-The Program is up to date, thanks to such an arrangement, any updates are available to all at once
-The Program is executed on the server side, and excludes all failures JAVA – such programs associated with the loss of the Internet, etc.
-The Program is focused on speed and time-saving driver, all actions are performed the button, which is always before his eyes wander around the multi-level menus are completely absent. These buttons as the “parking”, “position”, “flight”, displayed on the front panel to quickly respond to changing situations.

See detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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