Active Sound Gateway – WiFi – Active Sound Gateway – WiFiControl your Electronical Exhaust System via WiFi

Active Sound Gateway - WiFi

Active Sound Gateway – WiFiControl your Electronical Exhaust System via WiFi

Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 0Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 1Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 2Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 3Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 4Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 5Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 6Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 7Active Sound Gateway - WiFi screenshot 8

This App was developed to improve the usability of the famous Active Sound Gateway (Alex-Modul).
With the help of this App you are able to adjust the Sound of your Vehicle with an Active Sound Exhaust System.

You can set up several functions:
– General Volume
– Sound dynamic ( adjust the sound character)
– Engine Launch start up sound
– Define how to change the sound profiles

Just for example: Engine Launch; the car starts with the defined Startup Sound, like a real V8!

Our Active Sound Gateway was developed for several car brands, e.g. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, Volkswagen and further more.

If you are interested in this product and you do not own a car with Active Sound Exhaust System, just leave us a message.

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SFM – Service Information Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca in real time


Service Information Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca in real time

SFM screenshot 0SFM screenshot 1SFM screenshot 2SFM screenshot 3

See real-time location of trains circulating in the network, and the next circulations for any season. You can view the schedules of service, current rates according to the integrated fare system and the relevant incidents and information related to the service that the public company Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca on the island of Mallorca.

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Gulfstream Satellite Voice – Satellite Voice is an SIP-based phone for devices on Gulfstream aircraft.

Gulfstream Satellite Voice

Satellite Voice is an SIP-based phone for devices on Gulfstream aircraft.

Gulfstream Satellite Voice screenshot 0Gulfstream Satellite Voice screenshot 1Gulfstream Satellite Voice screenshot 2

Gulfstream Satellite Voice is an SIP-based phone for devices on Gulfstream aircraft. Satellite Voice enables customers to use an in-cabin Wi-Fi Internet connection to make and receive calls with iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad devices.

Satellite Voice enables a secure connection for easy and efficient communication during flight for both business and personal use. This “softphone” works with Yonder@Inmarsat (Swift64/Swift Broadband) and Iridium satellite networks, as well as Gulfstream’s BBML system.

The app provides an intuitive interface for multiple-call management to swap, merge, split and transfer calls. Customers can also use contacts already stored on the device.


•Speakerphone, mute and hold
•Call history, including list of dialed, received and missed calls
•Contact list and contact favorites
•Multiple-call support, swapping between two active calls, merging and splitting calls, and transferring calls
•Call recording
•Call forwarding
•Dial plan support

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Desitio – Your destiny is just a click away !.


Your destiny is just a click away !.

Desitio screenshot 0Desitio screenshot 1Desitio screenshot 2Desitio screenshot 3Desitio screenshot 4

Your destiny is just a click away !.
Desitio gives you an easy, safe, fun and comfortable to travel by taxi experience. With the most advanced and accurate GPS on the market and world class technology.
With DeSitio Unlock
Ensure that the driver will arrive at your destination without error or delay.

See how your taxi is coming to you in real time.

Pay with cash, credit card or debit card. The card details are secure and not shared with anyone.

You can also pay with cash.
You just need an internet connection and activate your GPS. We’ll do the rest.
Enjoy your experience DeSitio!

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GPS Odometer – A simple and easy to use odometer.

GPS Odometer

A simple and easy to use odometer.

GPS Odometer screenshot 0GPS Odometer screenshot 1GPS Odometer screenshot 2GPS Odometer screenshot 3GPS Odometer screenshot 4GPS Odometer screenshot 5GPS Odometer screenshot 6

A simple and easy to use odometer. GPS Odometer only does one thing, and does it well: measure distance traveled. Includes run in background capability. Ideal for almost anything that requires measuring outdoor distance travelled such as walking, running, driving, boating, hiking, or horseback riding.

* * * Important! * * *
Common user mistakes:
-Do not try to test the application by pacing around in the same small area.
-Please note that satellite GPS uses a lot of battery power.
-Satellite based GPS location does not work well indoors or near large structures. Many apps use network based location because it does work indoors, but it is not accurate enough for use with this app. If the location icon is not solid in your status bar, that means your PHONE can’t acquire a satellite GPS fix in that area.

-accurate to within 1 percent when compared to most car odometers under normal driving conditions.
-includes a timer
-includes pause/resume for each trip
-each trip can be started and stopped independently and multiple trips can be running at the same time
-includes a lock to help prevent accidental reset/stop/start of your trip. After unlocked, it locks back in a few seconds, or you can lock it yourself.
-includes displacement readout (straight line distance from your starting point)
-approximates distance travelled in some GPS dead spots such as driving through a tunnel by adding the as-a-bird flies distance to your trip.
-resumes tracking after restart (You must enable this feature in settings)
-2 widgets available: Simple (3 x 1) and Detail (4 x 2)
-supports landscape mode

-choose between average or current speed
-receive notifications at given distance intervals
-custom calculator. Uses include taxi fare and calories burned while exercising. Each trip can have a different custom calculator.
-receive a notification to turn off after no movement for some time (the 2 minute option is only recommended for testing)
-keep screen awake
-lock screen orientation
-2 themes: light and dark (note that light does not work well on older devices)
-3 coordinate options: decimal, DMS, DM
-specify widget update interval

distance units include:
nautical miles

speed units include:
kilometres per hour
miles per hour
nautical miles per hour
meters per second
feet per second

What this application does NOT do:
1) Does not record your route. Each trip has a start location (to calculate displacement), a last location, and a next-to-last location. No record of where you go is saved other than that. Only distance and time.
2) No location information ever leaves your device in satellite only GPS mode.
3) No maps. Only distance.
4) Will not well if your trip is limited to a small area. For example, driving in tight circles or gardening on a normal size residential property.

Other notes:
Move to Sd card is disabled because widgets will not work if the application is installed on the Sd card. The application is small, so please understand.

Please let us know if you discover a bug.

Download apk file for android:

GuiMU – Guia Mobilidade Urbana – GuiMU is your Guide to Urban Mobility in real time and efficiently.

GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana

GuiMU is your Guide to Urban Mobility in real time and efficiently.

GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 0GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 1GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 2GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 3GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 4GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 5GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 6GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 7GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 8GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 9GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 10GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 11GuiMU - Guia Mobilidade Urbana screenshot 12

The GuiMU is your Urban Mobility Guide that was developed for quick and easy access to public transportation. The GuiMU offers you, in real time, in an easy and efficient way, through its location, which are the closest existing points, the next time the bus, destinations, itineraries, fares.

All this, you can go watching in real time the movement of public transport and getting information about other means of transport directly on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. All designed to facilitate the user’s mobility.

It also provides companies with the constant monitoring of their vehicles. Easy upgrade routes, itineraries, fares, fleet and more.

Besides GuiMU be an application, it possess a differentiated structure with a site to support that, in addition to providing the same information as the application, makes what the user can be programmed, see more quiet and calm your itinerary.

Cities: Any city can integrate GuiMU is sufficient for the public transport companies offer schedules, routes and points of stops for GuiMU developers.

Timetable: The GuiMU offers the user the ability to view the output of the main point, the arrival, the waiting time and the next bus.

Differentiated search: With GuiMU the user can search for its origin or destination for which he wants to go, so it is much easier to know which bus to catch, where and when.

Itinerary: The GuiMU shows the route that the bus is from your search, detailed streets and passages.

Route: The GuiMU allows the user to see through the Google map, the exact route of the bus.

Breakpoints: Learn to GuiMU what kind of stopping point awaits you at your final destination, be it the format that your city permits, is cupped, concrete, metal or just the stake.

Monitored fleet: The fleet can be monitored via a GPS fixed inside the car, making it possible to show the location of the bus and its speed.

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