Çeşmeliler Otomotiv – All services must Mercedes with a fountain mobile app in your pocket!

Çeşmeliler Otomotiv

All services must Mercedes with a fountain mobile app in your pocket!

Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 0Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 1Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 2Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 3Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 4Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 5Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 6Çeşmeliler Otomotiv screenshot 7

Çeşmelik Coll. Sti. Halil İbrahim Sea, was founded in 1968 under the leadership of Necip Sea and Ahmet Deniz. Since then, Denizli-based company is growing and developing at a great pace, serve after-sales services of cars and light commercial vehicles. Our company Mercedes Benz Turk ‘s authorized service.

This institutional knowledge of our application, services, 2 Used car system, modules, such as use of mobile dating and roadside assistance.

One-touch roadside assistance teams can reach the current position Çeşmelik Automotive directions, roadside assistance in case of need position by SMS, the mobile phone can send teams.

Also part of Mobile Event maintenance, service, and can make an appointment for services such as car rental.

Çeşmelik Mercedes Benz, Auto Club of ACT, ACT Car Care, Car Hairdresser, Bosch Car Care, POLYTOP, ALC (LIFE AUTO CENTER), such as car wash service and you can find detailed information about our services.

All services, customer satisfaction, service Çeşmelik Automotive are pleased to offer the Android application.

Çeşmelik Coll. Sti.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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