Nur Такси – Download the free app, you will be able to order a taxi a few clicks!

Nur Такси

Download the free app, you will be able to order a taxi a few clicks!

Nur Такси screenshot 0Nur Такси screenshot 1Nur Такси screenshot 2Nur Такси screenshot 3Nur Такси screenshot 4Nur Такси screenshot 5Nur Такси screenshot 6Nur Такси screenshot 7Nur Такси screenshot 8Nur Такси screenshot 9Nur Такси screenshot 10Nur Такси screenshot 11Nur Такси screenshot 12Nur Такси screenshot 13Nur Такси screenshot 14Nur Такси screenshot 15Nur Такси screenshot 16Nur Такси screenshot 17Nur Такси screenshot 18Nur Такси screenshot 19Nur Такси screenshot 20Nur Такси screenshot 21Nur Такси screenshot 22Nur Такси screenshot 23

We quickly find a free car next to you. The average time of delivery – 5-10 minutes.

Watch the taxi approached on the screen of your phone in real time! As long taxi rides to you, you will see the arrival of your taxi, a well as photos and personal rating driver.

Airport taxi / shuttle service to the airport:
“Nur Taxi” – a great opportunity to order a taxi and comfortably reach any airport, or book a taxi from the airport to Astana.

Main features of the application:

– Taxi without a call to the dispatcher. Mark the point on the map, no need to write long address manually;

– A preliminary calculation of the cost of the trip;

– Search the car with the fare and your wishes (child seat, issuing receipts, etc.);

– The application shows detailed information about the driver and his car;

– The movement of the driver can be seen on the map;

– After a trip to leave feedback about the quality of service;

– Save addresses popular and quickly select them;

– Beep will inform you of the arrival of the taxi;

– Orders history. Repeat order. Contact trip.

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Download apk file:


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