Ermis Radiotaxi – Experienced guides cover the "gaps" in charge moving passengers

Ermis Radiotaxi

Experienced guides cover the "gaps" in charge moving passengers

Ermis Radiotaxi screenshot 0Ermis Radiotaxi screenshot 1Ermis Radiotaxi screenshot 2

Radio Mercury. Pioneers in the field of transport.

Now you can call your taxi, anywhere, quickly and inexpensively, using smartphone!

You can even close your appointments for specific date and time, with absolutely NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We provide multiple facilities regarding your move! Never before finding a taxi was not simpler. Listed below are the most basic functions:

* Identify closest drivers in the area are.
* You yourself specify your exact location of receipt.
* You receive the data of the driver comes to pick you up (license plate number, name, characteristic of the company, as indicated on the rear window.)
* You are given the opportunity to access the History of Routes you’ve made.

These and many other features and facilities offered by just a few clicks of experienced drivers that work with a reliable and consistent world-renowned company, which operates in the field since 1982, and continues to take the credit of its customers for the services of !

For more information please visit the site: radiotaxiermis_gr

Detail information and download apk file:


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