PEDALEASE – Smart E-bike display


Smart E-bike display

PEDALEASE screenshot 0PEDALEASE screenshot 1PEDALEASE screenshot 2PEDALEASE screenshot 3PEDALEASE screenshot 4PEDALEASE screenshot 5PEDALEASE screenshot 6PEDALEASE screenshot 7PEDALEASE screenshot 8PEDALEASE screenshot 9PEDALEASE screenshot 10PEDALEASE screenshot 11PEDALEASE screenshot 12PEDALEASE screenshot 13PEDALEASE screenshot 14

Smart E-bike Kit Meter is designed for PEDALEASE smart e-bike kit, this meter can replace the
Traditional ebike display’s functions, such as: range, odometer, 6km/h mode, pedal assistant level, error notice, map etc., to use its on-line mode, it’s an e-bike meter, off-line mode is a regular bicycle GPS speed meter, it can help us to enjoy the fun of converting bicycles!

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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