TúTaxi Barcelona – Taxi App Barcelona.Trato personalizado.Reservas Online.Rápido and secure 24h

TúTaxi Barcelona

Taxi App Barcelona.Trato personalizado.Reservas Online.Rápido and secure 24h

TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 0TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 1TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 2TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 3TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 4TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 5TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 6TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 7TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 8TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 9TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 10TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 11TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 12TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 13TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 14TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 15TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 16TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 17TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 18TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 19TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 20TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 21TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 22TúTaxi Barcelona screenshot 23

Taxi Barcelona with you, you will not need the phone for any radio taxi. With TúTaxi, always you carry your pocket taxi 24hours every day of the week. Personalized attention with a click on the icon called, an operator will address your request, and within minutes you’ll have a taxi at your disposal. We have one of the largest fleets of vehicles Barcelona with 4-7 seats. (*)
Wide range of services, (contact us).
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Why TúTaxi?

-Taxistas Qualified and authorized by the WBA to carry out the passenger transport.
-We Guarantee the confidentiality of your data.
-We Offer personalized attention by qualified operators, who will attend your requests and questions.
-Guarantee That your reservation has been registered, sending you to the nearest taxi.
-You Can pay the taxi service, both in cash and by credit card, just say it.
You -te facilitate location via the map “your location” in case you find yourself in a place that is not your usual address. Being able to know where you are on some of the most interesting points of the city as well as the most essential hospitals.
-Rates Updated every year, so you do not have doubts.
-Bookings Advance through our reservation system and management from the form “advance booking”
-Haznos Your questions and queries through the form of “consultations”.
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(*) Only operating within the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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