ARRIVA a UDINE – ARRIVA in Udine tells you how to travel better in the province of Udine and surroundings.


ARRIVA in Udine tells you how to travel better in the province of Udine and surroundings.

ARRIVA a UDINE screenshot 0ARRIVA a UDINE screenshot 1

ARRIVING in Udine tells you how to travel better in the province of Udine and surroundings and traveling entertains you with news, shopping and more.
FOR MOVE: ground and airborne assists you for all the needs related to the trip.

PLANNING THE TRIP: insert the points of departure and arrival and, with the help of Google Transit, you have all the information to move with the shared transport
AROUND ME: ticket offices, bus stations and other to facilitate your trip, displayed in map or in augmented reality (radar)
IN BUS: QRcode framing the printed timetable and you can:
– Buy the ticket directly there
– Know the lines that pass and the time of passage of the next bus
– Plan the route of your interest from the point where you are
– Become our follower on twitter and get info, news and support
LINES AND HOURS: indications in pdf lines and timetables for destinations served by Saf
TO DISCOVER: information, entertainment and exclusive opportunities for you
NEWS: news of the publications selected
SHOPPING: proposed special georeferenced card, map and radar; save coupons to Passbook or reserved in your favorites to qualify for offers and unique conditions
LEISURE: ideas and suggestions for your leisure
POINTS OF INTEREST: from the Alps to the Adriatic, destinations, places and …
SOCIAL: choose the topic and tweets, make new friends, write on the virtual window

To make better use of its potential, download the reader QRcode and mobile app UP Banca Sella from the Apple Store and enter the details of your credit card
(Also prepaid): so you can use, immediately, all the functionality IN STOP.

Some features may not work properly with Android devices do not last generation or with limited performance.
E ‘request the operating system version 4.03 or later.

For support, information, suggestions write to:
Follow us on twitter

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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