MotoApp – Application for interaction between motorcyclists, companies and businesses.


Application for interaction between motorcyclists, companies and businesses.

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The content of the current version is for Bogota, soon will have information to Medellin and other cities. Our main goal is to provide quality content for all users MotoApp.

MotoApp is a platform created for thousands of motorcyclists interact from the comfort of your Smartphone with any business that markets products and services in the sector.

MotoApp seeks to create a channel of communication between motorcyclists and your brand, providing an excellent user experience and allowing you to increase sales and customer traffic in your business.
You will reach the right audience, motorcyclists of all levels, ages, tastes and preferences, that seek products or services that you market.

It is simple and easy to use, fits your business and make the most out of these tools:

MOTOGPS: In case of mechanical problems, search for products and / or services, the motorcycle display in google maps and business categories that meet your search criteria.
Categories: Workshops, accessories, spare parts, towing services, Tire, CDA, parking, laundry, ESS, dealers, driving schools and CRC.
When selecting your business to a screen where you can get all the contact information (address, phone number, hours of operation, social networking, web page) will be displayed, also you will find a description of the services and / or products you offer, gallery pictures of your business and virtual catalog.

MOTOCATÁLOGO: It will be the most complete and diverse MOTOAPP tool will allow the user to interact with all the products or services you market, meet price, features, availability and request more information to make the purchase.

MOTOPROMOS: This option is part of the Motocatálogo tool, it can highlight promotions, discounts or rebates you want for your products or services, capturing new customers and promoting products high stock.

MOTOGRUPOS: This tool is aimed at both users and registered businesses, motorcyclists may request access to group your brand, and you can add the contacts you want. Messages, notifications and conversations: to accept the invitation and interaction options are enabled. You can create a database to inform your customers about news from your company.

MOTOEVENTOS: A reserved space can publish and promote events that offer unforgettable experiences to users through activities such as shooting, travel, tours, contests, rolled and others.

MOTOAPP is the ideal way to increase interaction with your customers platform, build a relationship of trust with them, establish your brand in different consumer, differentiate yourself from the competition by offering personalized service in a totally new platform and with a very promising future, increasing traffic on your website and social networking page, include your brand in the era of Apps and evolve to be closer to your customers.

See detail information and download apk file:


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