Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ – Convenient – fast – quality – CHEAPORDER TAXI NONSTOP 8 (495) 988-9963


Convenient – fast – quality – CHEAPORDER TAXI NONSTOP 8 (495) 988-9963

Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 0Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 1Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 2Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 3Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 4Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 5Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 6Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 7Такси ПЕГАС : ЗАКАЗ ТАКСИ screenshot 8

Tired of dial every time the dispatcher?
Install our mobile application for call taxis.

Taxi order in Moscow and Moscow Region will be faster – CHEAPER through the app!

The application works quickly, the taxi order is issued in three clicks.

Application functionality:
– Quick taxi by two fields “Location” pick and phone numbers
– Definition of GPS location
– You can specify their position on the map
– See your past orders
– Bookmark your favorite addresses

Taxi “Pegasus” – modern automated dispatch taxi service, which is proud of its clients!

We appreciate your time.
   Therefore, you do not need to spend time to name your phone number. Phone number from which you make a request, lights will automatically and immediately entered into the order form.

We appreciate your calm.
   That is why the cost of the trip is calculated using the electronic card and the taximeter the driver! Our customers, getting into the car, can safely enjoy soft music during the trip, but not closely monitor the route, which travels driver. On one end of the Prospect Mira on the other driver will take you at least through the Red Square, and the fare will not change.

We appreciate your attention.
   On arrival the car on your mobile phone number comes SMS with the brand name and car number.

We value your money.
   Our drivers will always provide you with checks, you can submit accounting reporting.

We value your serenity.
   That is why the railway and bus stations, as well as the airports you will deliver the most experienced drivers in comfortable vehicles. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are pleased to offer you a taxi service in the city, a taxi to the airport, railway stations, meeting at the railway stations, airports, corporate services, courier services.

Order a taxi to the airport.
   At any time of the day and night taxi drivers “Pegasus” choose the shortest way to the airport, taking into account the traffic situation in Moscow. Be sure that you have time before departing to visit the coffee shop and enjoy the taste of your favorite coffee and tea with delicious cakes.
Only we offer a taxi service to the airport and back at the lowest fixed prices! Single price – regardless of your area of ​​residence!
Transfer to the airport at all – 850 rubles (economy fare). Meet at the port – 850 rubles (economy fare).

For drivers.
   If you want to work with us, you have a car no more than 5 years from the resolution, your experience not less than 5 years old, read the information and fill out the form under a taxi

Order a taxi by telephone: +7 (495) 988-99-63.

We always welcome your call!

See detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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