BusZinga – Consultation bus routes and schedules in Montevideo


Consultation bus routes and schedules in Montevideo

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BusZinga allows you to check the bus lines that take you from one point to another of Montevideo and at the stop times you prefer for each of these lines.
Using open data of the Municipality of Montevideo (published under the plan open Montevideo), you can find directions, locate places or points on the map, find the nearest links to a location, add to favorite places or stops you want and place your position on the map using GPS.
You can also search the bus lines that serve you to get from one point to another city or transhipments including combinations where necessary, or if you prefer, search for the shortest way to do the walking tour. For a tour you can see the route map so that you do walk to reach as camio stop performing the bus, and the route you have to do to get off the bus to reach your destination. You can also see the detail of the distance to walk in each case. If you choose the route on foot, you will see the distance to walk, the route marked on the map and the detail of the streets you have to go street indicating where you have to bend and in which direction.
You can also consult the schedule for a tour and a stop times for the routes you prefer. Thus if you already know the route, you can check timetables at the bus stop easily and quickly.

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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