Happy Ride-Car Care OBDII – Scan trouble codes,read sensor data parameter, monitor fuel efficiency

Happy Ride-Car Care OBDII

Scan trouble codes,read sensor data parameter, monitor fuel efficiency

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HappyRide is a complete scan tool for your car. It can read all the real time and stored sensor and diagnostic data from your car. The app can also be used to monitor your cars mileage and improve fuel efficiency. It’s a complete scan tool and OBD-II mileage & trip meter, mobile app for Android.You can get all the meter readings of your car with ease in your Android phone. It works with OBDII Bluetooth adapters. HappyRide can easily substitute few hardware products like Scan Gauge for FREE!!

Checkout our features:
* Read all real time and stored sensor parameters from your car
* Check confirmed, pending, freeze frame trouble codes (P0, p2, p3, U0)
* Erases trouble codes and Resets Check Engine Lights
* Determines the malfunction indicator lamp(MIL) status
* Detects OBD2 Freeze Frame Information
* Read real time sensor data, record it and save for analysis over web dashboard
* Keep the service history of your vehicle
* Do test diagnostics through which you can enter OBD commands and get results
* Web dashboard with sensor data analytics and fuel efficiency analytics
* Constantly monitor your mileage and learn how to save your fuel
* Monitor Check Engine Light Trouble codes
* Supports Diesel and Petrol Vehicles
* Get the Instantaneous Mileage, RPM, Trip Meter, Engine Runtime, Speed etc
* Get the Average Milege, Fuel Used, Fuel Cost for each trip
* Save all your trip logs and compare it
* Share your mileage scores in Facebook with your friends
* Supports various unit locales MPG, KMPL, USD, INR, EUR etc

Visit our site for FAQ and demo videos.

Follow the below steps to connect HappyRide with OBDII Bluetooth device.

1. Connect the bluetooth enabled OBDII device in the OBD port
2. Turn on the ignition of your car. You can see lights on the OBDII device
3. Bluetooth pair the OBDII device with your phone. When pairing for first time it will ask for the PIN and the PIN number for ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth device is ‘1234’. For most of the other devices also its the same.
4. Go to HappyRide app in your Android. When running for first time, please update the settings correctly in the Settings screen. Once you updated the settings, come back to the Home screen and tap on the lable ‘Tap here to conncect to OBD’. Select connect on the pop up. If the connection is successful it will show the status as ‘Connected’ else will show the error.
5. Now you are good to go!!

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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