GlassEFIS – GlassEFIS is a virtual aircraft cockpit EFIS app for visualizing your motion.


GlassEFIS is a virtual aircraft cockpit EFIS app for visualizing your motion.

GlassEFIS screenshot 0GlassEFIS screenshot 1GlassEFIS screenshot 2GlassEFIS screenshot 3

GlassEFIS is an Android based virtual aircraft cockpit for visualizing your motion in 3D. Similar to an aircraft glass cockpit, GlassEFIS provides a visual EFIS representation of your altitude, speed and orientation based on the phone or tablet’s internal sensors.

GlassEFIS includes speed, gimbal, lateral and vertical g-force, vertical speed and altitude visual instruments. Additionally, GlassEFIS provides critical speed arcs for aiding in maintaining desired speeds. Users can also select compass source as either GPS or magnetic compass and altimeter source as GPS or static pressure from the devices pressure sensor. The magnetic compass can have a magnetic declination (variation) applied to it and the pressure sensor allows the user to set the proper altimeter pressure for more accurate altitude readings.

For those who wish to fine tune the response of the instruments, GlassEFIS allows for adjustment of the filters used to smooth out the data coming from the various sensors and GPS.

GlassEFIS virtual aircraft cockpit is a great way to learn about flight dynamics and simulate a working EFIS cockpit in an aircraft by using your device’s on-board sensors.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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