evPark – Efficient electric car charging at your workplace


Efficient electric car charging at your workplace

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Welcome to evPark! Your go-to solution for electric automobile charge scheduling at work.

Do you have difficulty finding available charging stations at your workplace?
Do you waste time with email communications for notifications, scheduling and for begging for access to charging stations.
Do you have range anxiety and are constantly worried about not getting enough charge to reach home?

evPark enables you to conveniently schedule charging times as soon as you reach work. We also send reminders to relevant parties only and minimizes email clutter. evPark enables employers to provide a useful service that improves employee productivity and reduce their stress levels. You can also use evPark to eliminate illegal parking and use of your chargers. Employers can also access powerful analytics on the usage of their chargers and understand the RIO on their investment.

evPark works seamlessly with chargers from ChargePoint, Inc., evConnect, Blink, evGo, ecotality or any other provider.

* Look up open charging slots as soon as you drive in to work
* Filter list by charger type or by location
* Reserve based on your schedule
* Add yourself to a watchlist to be notified of new openings
* Get notifications when your reservation is coming up and when it is expiring
* Claim reservation when you plugin your car

Please head over to evPark.offstraits.com for more information.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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