VIVATaxistars – Digital taxi service provider VIVACOM.


Digital taxi service provider VIVACOM.

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VIVA Taxi Stars

Created together with VIVACOM, VIVATaxistars application gives you a unique opportunity to order one of your preferred taxi company with just two clicks!

Gone are the times we had to call an operator. You see on the screen of your phone which taxis are near you and order a car only from the selected companies with good reputation. For the first time is not enough to confirm the address where you are and that your application shows – and does not even need to enter a destination for the trip. Order it in seconds!

Vivataxistars recommended by VIVACOM application and you can download it from VIVA Apps.

Main features:
– Easy and fast ordering free talktime
– Calling a cab without entering addresses
– Clearly see all the details on the screen
– Complete preliminary information – taxi company, number and brand of the car, the driver’s photo, expected route
– Tracking the car map
– Send and receive free voice messages directly to the driver for easy finding of address

How it works:
1 Register your profile in the system. Be done once.
See on the screen where you are and what’s around you, taxis.
2 To order a taxi, confirm the address where you are or correct if not entirely accurate.
3 You can directly click the “taxi” and your request will be sent to the nearest taxi around you.
4 Or enter a destination address as you type it or select it from the list stored in the “Star”.
5 By default, your order is sent to all taxis in the area. If you have a preference, select the name of the desired company from the bar at the bottom of the screen.
6 After the taxi take your order on the bar below you can see more information about the driver, browse her finger.
7 See the screen supposed route to destination and you can control undesirable deviations from it.
8 After the trip you can appreciate the stars in his experience. Your rating affects the rating of the driver.

You can order taxis in Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas, Varna, Sliven, Varna, Gotse Delchev and many other cities.

For more information:
To turn on the taxi network Taksistars or user support.
Contact tel. 02 9021190, or

See more information:


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