Choo – Reimbursement easy – Train was late? Reimburse up to 50% of your ticket price – in only 3 minutes.

Choo - Reimbursement easy

Train was late? Reimburse up to 50% of your ticket price – in only 3 minutes.

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No hassle for you. With Choo you can start immediately. You don´t need to create an account. No registration necessary.

Choo is the only railway reimbursement app without annoying registration process. Just start with it!

*** Promotion offer: until 31.12.2015 Choo doesn´t charge you a cent! Nothing! ***

And so easy is Choo:
– Enter your travel information
– Take a pic of your ticket
– Send your reimbursement claim with a click to Choo

We will review your information, submit these to the German railway and take care of everything else for you. Reimbursement will be made directly to your account.
For almost all types of ticket applies: if you have paid and the train is late, then you can make a refund claim.
You can use Choo also, if you have a BahnCard100 or a long distance time card (Zeitkarte des Fernverkehrs).

We have thought a lot about how we can provide an easy, fast and safe way for you to claim your refund.

And here is Choo:

*Choo is secure: We the security of your information very seriously. That is why we encrypt your data with state of the art. Complimentary wireless Choo the opportunity to secure the app on another passcode (or TouchID).

*Choo checks your claim: The Choo reimbursement check tells you directly if your refund claim is qualified and to what amount.

*Choo is simple: Choo leads easily through the submission process. More than 5,000 already stored railway stations and the reminder function make it super easy for you. If you are interrupted while entering data, you can go on later with it without loss.

*Choo is intuitive: Your data are stored in the app. Once entered data are for future reimbursement claims available.

*Choo is well arranged: The Choo-app keeps you at any time up to date on the status of your submitted refund requests. Even with multiple submissions, you always have everything in sight.

*Choo works without Internet: You can also use Choo without an Internet connection. Only for the transmission of the reimbursement form you must have an Internet connection.

*Choo is multilingual: If you prefer German as the language, then offers Choo also this possibility.

*Choo is fair: Only in case of a success reimbursement Choo charges a service fee of 20% VAT included. of the refunded amount.
Therefore, we also have a large interest in ensuring that your application is successful!

Give us a try. Download Choo now completely free at risk! Download for free – no costs for submissions – and until 31.12.2015 no charges of service fees.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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