Text Lock – Text Lock – The app that prevents texting while behind the wheel.

Text Lock

Text Lock – The app that prevents texting while behind the wheel.

Text Lock screenshot 0Text Lock screenshot 1

Text Lock is an application that prevents distracting phone activity such as sending text messages or web browsing while driving. It is primarily designed to be installed by parents onto their teen drivers’ phone.

In 2013 it was reported that 3,000 teens died due to auto accidents involving texting while driving. This is a truly sobering number especially when one realized that texting and driving causes more deaths in teens than drinking and driving.

Our goal at Text Lock is to see that number vanish. Texting while driving is something that can and should be prevented. This app is our contribution to that end.

What it Does:
When installed and activated Text Lock detects when a phone is traveling 10 mph or faster. When this is detected, Text Lock will automatically lock the screen on the phone. Once it detects that the device is no longer traveling at these speeds it allows the screen to then be unlocked.

Text Lock must be used in conjunction with the admin app Text Lock Admin. The Text Lock Admin app should be installed on the parents phone, allowing them to control whether or not the Text Lock app is Active/Inactive on their child’s phone and whether or not their child can un-install the application (Un-installing the app requires permission from the controlling Admin phone, so that the teen cannot easily remove the app).

How it Works:
1) First install this application onto your child’s phone. After installation you will be asked by Android to activate Text Lock as a Phone Administrator. Please select ‘ACTIVATE’ as this grants permission to the app to lock the screen of the phone.
2) In the app you will see a ‘Register’ link (also found in the app settings). Click this link and put the cell number of the phone that will be the administrator for the phone your installing Text Lock on. For example, if you are installing Text Lock on your teen drivers phone, put Your phone number in the Register Phone field as your phone will be the controlling Admin phone.
3) Once you click on ‘Register’ you will shortly receive a text message with a link to the Text Lock Admin app on Google play. When you receive this text install the Admin app on your phone using the link provided.
IMPORTANT: You must install the Text Lock Admin app on your phone using the link that is texted to you. It is this link that makes the connection between your phone and the phone that you have installed the client Text Lock app on.
4) Once you have installed the Text Lock Admin app on your phone, click on the ‘Activate’ button. This sends a signal through Google services to your teen driver’s phone activating the Text Locking functionality.

See detail information and download apk file for android: goo.gl/OAC7yy


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