TAXIcall – Call and find a taxi in the Metropolitan Urbe.


Call and find a taxi in the Metropolitan Urbe.

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TaxiCall is an application to call and find a taxi at the Metropolitan Urbe any country (Transport Service personnel deployed in Panama); using smart phones (smartphones) to achieve the goal, in addition to the application do with phone call, you can make contact with collective transport through mendaje called SMS; GPS, use of social networks (Social Media) and email location. The Apps is very simple and friendly. With the Apps you can know make, model car besides the driver’s photo and name.
TaxiCall provides you with a list of phone numbers to call Cellular operator that suits you call to avoid spending and reap the benefits provided by your telephone operator.
TaxiCall specializes in transport people from the center of the metropolis of the country to the client Airport and decide the appointed time.
TaxiCall offers selective transport service with professionalism, speed, care, respect and diligent in urban areas, also comfort on the way for the high standard of customer service provided.
TaxiCall keeps regulated rates required by the laws of the country.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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