Driver Ojek Kampung – Cara Mudah Memesan Kendaraan

Driver Ojek Kampung

Cara Mudah Memesan Kendaraan

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“OjeKKampung” isn’t a motorbike rental service, “OjeKKampung” is an application that unite the passengers to the drivers with theirs vehicle. The service is built to support your travel and transport goods by utilizing smartphone technology.

“OjeKKampung” application will find orders to the drivers, which are located closest to the passengers and immediately obtain the estimated costs to be paid following with photo and identity of the vehicle drivers were booked.

Anyone who has any kind of vehicle can use the application and our ADVANTAGES is the one and only application which gives 100% of the passenger fare directly. A business opportunity for people to get a job and remarkable income.

“OjeKKampung” mission is to empower people and vehicles into grassroots economic base, so will not cause a conflict with a local transportation.

The presence of “OjeKKampung” application, we’re no need to worry anymore for traveling in the area that no public transportation which is taxi and ojek. There is a way of traveling that is entirely new and modern at your fingertips.

Driver or owner of the vehicle that will be using the application “OjeKKampung” first apply for an application of “OjeKKampung” through an agent who has been appointed.

Educating and Empowering Society.

– Empowering people and vehicles into the economic base of the grass roots.
– Strengthen family relationships motorcycles base with the immediate environment as local customers.
– Upholding the tradition of togetherness does not eliminate the system queues of passengers at the base.
– Means empowering and sharing sustenance to people around the home or office us.
– Raising the image of motorcycles base with the rating of each driver by a passenger.
– Provide security for the driver and passengers of user application.
– Formation of the cooperative motorcycles base and motorcycle base repair station per region.
– Foster the labor-intensive investment.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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