My DC Next Bus – DC Next Bus

My DC Next Bus

DC Next Bus

My DC Next Bus screenshot 0My DC Next Bus screenshot 1My DC Next Bus screenshot 2My DC Next Bus screenshot 3My DC Next Bus screenshot 4My DC Next Bus screenshot 5My DC Next Bus screenshot 6

NOTE: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by any transit web site.
This app is based upon NextBus XML Data API to provide the real time bus locations and bus stop time prediction.

What is New
– Use red dot for the Bus stops so that it is easier to select a stop or bus on the Map.
– Enable my location button on the map so that you can find out nearby stops quickly.

– Integrate Navigation Drawer into the Map View. Now you can switch to a different route from the left menu.
– Update the GUI with icons and modern theme.

– Integrate Google Map Street View
– Click on any stop to see the Bus Stop Street View and click on the map again to hide Street View

– The new version is developed using Android Studio in order to have better support for Android 5.0 or later.
– Google Map App integration: Click on a stop and select Google Map App
– Google Map Direction integration: Click on a stop and select Google Map Direction

My Next Bus provides the following features:
– Routes
– Directions
– Stops
– Sop Bus Times Prediction
– Favorites
– Map with Stops
– Map with Real Time Buses locations
– Map with Bus Stop Time Prediction
– Street View

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