82one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) – Fees 無 !! Fee 無 !!Quick-service direct transactions with customers 82one !!Please use unlimited FREE!

82one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용)

Fees 無 !! Fee 無 !!Quick-service direct transactions with customers 82one !!Please use unlimited FREE!

82one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 082one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 182one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 282one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 382one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 482one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 582one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 682one 직거래 퀵서비스(운송인용) screenshot 7

There is no need to call center automation server system 82one!
Fees and charges are completely free of cost with no.

– Radius Carrier (within the motorcycle 5Km) only in order to help generate a more convenient choice.
– Application downloads and charges all free!
– Push notifications: a pop-up notification of the order have excellent compatibility with third-party applications.
– E-cards: personal promotion of e-cards available to individuals making
– Auto happy call: Happy Call function automatically Transportation Done button input.
– Gyegeupje operating in accordance with the rating (gold, silver, bronze) with confidence rising!

82one is a carrier, you’re going to create a new quick-service market in quick-service of the reverse auction method of direct dealing with customers. The costs of this program developers are using it for free because it is a software development company providing 82one no. Your carrier positive and hope that we can achieve a new quick-service markets as a responsible service.

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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