Venice Bus Times&NavigationPRO – The best app for public transport in Venice and its sorroundings.

Venice Bus Times&NavigationPRO

The best app for public transport in Venice and its sorroundings.

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Venice Bus Times&Navigation is the most complete application to move with bus and water-bus lines in Venice and its sorroundings.
There are information on:
– Buses and trams in Mestre
– Buses in Lido
– Urban and Extraurban buses
– Water Buses
– Position of each stop
– Bus Timetable at each stop
– News on the state of the service provided by ACTV
– Reports on the delays of the buses **

Thanks to the support of open data provided by the ACTV company, the app is always up to date, OFFLINE * and includes all useful features for the movements in the Venice area:

– Time-Tables: consulted easily and quickly thanks to the user-friendly interface, allowing you to view the schedule of the different urban and extraurban races and to locating the stops in the map;

– User geolocation: function that makes it possible to know the stops and the nearest transport, with related distance and location;

-Delay reports: you can receive information on the possible delay (or advance) of the buses**, or start to automatically notify the location of a bus thanks to the GPS, with minimal battery consumption.

– Maps: to show the tracks of the transport routes and stops;

– Navigation: through the map, you can select points of departure and destination and the app will determine the best paths every hour of every day;

– Navigation In real time: thanks to the location you can dynamically receive notifications based on the path set, receiving route information on when to get off and the remaining time to reach your destination

– Save Favorite bus: To see even faster time-tables of the most popular buses;

– Bus stop Visualization: in the map you can press the stops to see the buses that will pass shortly and their waiting times.

– News: Displays the latest news provided from ACTV. You can receive notification for each new unread news .

This application saves time thanks to the reliable data it uses and not get lost thanks to the GPS tracking applied to the map of the stops.
Consultation is facilitated by the interface in pure Material Design The use will therefore not weigh on data connection.

* When you first start the app you will need to download the data on transport; you will receive a warning when there are data updates.
** The reports on possible delays are submitted by users. It is not ensured the reliability of each. The author is not responsible for what can be written in these.

This version is ads-free.
It require the free app to work.


Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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