Taxi Cammeo Srbija – Taxi Cammeo messaging application taxis

Taxi Cammeo Srbija

Taxi Cammeo messaging application taxis

Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 0Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 1Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 2Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 3Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 4Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 5Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 6Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 7Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 8Taxi Cammeo Srbija screenshot 9

As applications we can help?
• Tell a taxi vehicle without the cost of telephone calls
• Use button to locate to simply forward the address where you are
• Use the virtual meter to find out how you can cost driving
• Follow the arrival of taxis in real time
• Book a car in advance for your desired dates
• Add your most frequently driving to favorites for easier ordering vehicles

In addition to the free messaging, application has a number of advantages over “classical ways”. The functions of the application will offer you the comfort and ease of use. Ordering driving through the Internet will save the money spent on the phone call, the “location” will make it easier to locate your address while you virtual meter to help you calculate the cost of driving. The option of monitoring the arrival of the vehicle in real time will help you better plan time while waiting. Thanks to the “favorites”, your drive will usually be ordered for a few moments. If you go to the airport, business meetings or any other previously agreed commitments using the possibility of reservation in advance poručićete driving without stress.

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