Motabei Sayyarati – Solution is designed especially for individuals and families

Motabei Sayyarati

Solution is designed especially for individuals and families

Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 0Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 1Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 2Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 3Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 4Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 5Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 6Motabei Sayyarati screenshot 7

Sayyarati helps to monitor vehicles from tablets or mobiles and provides information such as real time location, speed, switch on/off, control engine on/off, Alerts, vehicle maintenance, vehicle documents, etc., Sayyarati is the latest VTS / AVL product which is distinguish from products with its simplicity, easiness and flexibility.

Features of Sayyarati.

– Get vehicle(s) real time location and movement.

– Support Maps, to assists users to locate the exact location of vehicle and get clear idea.

– Helps users to immobilize (Engine on/off) vehicle.

– Provides bunch of alerts such as Battery disconnect, Emergency, Geofence In, Geofence Out, Over Speed, Parking In, Parking Out, Switch on Switch off.

– Users can monitor vehicle utilization and mileage.

– Helps users to monitor vehicle maintenance and vehicle documents.

– Admin can communicate with driver(s) through email, SMS or call.

– Provides extra services such as Vehicle Parking, Nearest POI, unit conversion, prayer time, compass and QR or barcode scanner to assists users while travelling.

Detail information and download apk file:


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