ПДД 2016 – All of the traffic, fines and statistics of your car. Ask a question in real time!

ПДД 2016

All of the traffic, fines and statistics of your car. Ask a question in real time!

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New information in the format of the application of RF traffic
The application used an algorithm to collect and display statistics on the basis of on-board systems of cars – Toyota, BMW, Audi. With regular filling of data on mileage and amount of fuel filled – the accuracy of the data of 99%.
In the Statistics section displays the following information:
1. Current mileage
2. Run for the period (beginning of the period since the introduction of the first run of the recording)
3. The average mileage for the period per day (displayed average number of kilometers over the past time period – from the moment the first run of the recording)
4. Filling. Total – refilled fuel in your car since the start of registration.
5. Average fuel consumption (fuel) a day – the data obtained on the basis of the total time from the moment of addition of the first data record of the run for the entire reporting period and the fuel filled during this period.
6. The fuel consumption per 100 km. (NOTE: The accuracy of the data up to 99% when only regular filling your car up to a full tank, the same maximum fueling level).
7. The cost of fuel – the output data on aggregate costs for the accounting period.

If you want to obtain reliable statistics on fuel costs
average consumption per 100 km. and other reports should be regularly and timely completion of all the three fields in the FILLING section. It – run, price of fuel per liter, and the amount of fuel poured.

We have created the most informative and user-friendly application for motorists and pedestrians. App – Russian GIBBD filled with all the necessary functionality for instant access to a specific section.
-rule Road of the Russian Federation motion as amended in September 2015.
– RF Constitution (Chapter 2 The main thing for the citizens)
– Anthem of Russia (Muz file with music, words and text)
– Video (Special selection of movies for car owners and pedestrians regularly added.)
– Notes (Keep the fragments of articles rules KOAP or other sources)
– FINES (Verification of driver’s license number and a certificate of registration and payment for the vehicle) – is available when upgrading
– Fuel consumption and mileage (you can control your car’s mileage based on the number of “Liter” fuel costs and the amount of “Rub.”) – Is available when upgrading
– Search (quick search on the basis of traffic and other sections of the application)
– Print the desired document directly from the app
– List Add the required information for quick use
– Codes and phone numbers of confidence in these administrative districts.
– Documents for download (you can print, download to your mobile device or send to e-mail such as “contract of sale of the vehicle,” or other documents Word.doc editable format)
– MEDICINE (section 21 will include all the necessary information from the FIRST AID first aid kit to the car)
– Comments and Useful (Section includes the “Signals regulator”, “Inspector Errors”, “Antishtraf”, “Memo AR №185”, “evacuation” and others.)
– Research Affairs and GBDD (structure)
– HOTLINE (where and how to deal with the citizens of emerging issues with the staff of the Ministry of Interior, “emergency” and their right to call for a rapid response)
– Fines, signs, markings, the Administrative Code, TC tolerance, Regulation №185- main instructions of traffic police officer) assembled an extensive list of instruments for citizens and for the traffic police, whose main instrument is the “Administrative Regulations MVD”

The application uses information from official sources, the traffic police of the Russian Federation, Consultant Plus,
– Daily tips to car owners in the “News”;
– NEW CHAT – CHAT “hot line” in the app!

– Real-time ask a question and get an answer directly from other users, or App “traffic police of the Russian Federation.”

For a better perception – your choice of two color themes – dark and light.

Use caching application data and function of all the articles for easy viewing without the internet.

See detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com


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