Cité lib by Ha:mo – Ride and drive with "Cité lib by Ha:mo" and save time ?

Cité lib by Ha:mo

Ride and drive with "Cité lib by Ha:mo" and save time ?

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** This application is accessible in French and English **

“Citelib by Ha:mo” is a new car sharing service available in Grenoble urban area since October 2014. It enables “round-trip” or “one way” urban travels by booking on a smartphone electric vehicles that are located on thirty stations close to public transportation lines.

This service, conducted as part of an open experimentation, is provided by the local carsharing operator CITELIB in partnership with EDF, its subsidiary SODETREL (charging stations) and the manufacturer TOYOTA (electric vehicles), with the support of local authorities GRENOBLE CITY and GRENOBLE CITY-ALPES METROPOLE..

Main functions

(1) Service availability

Selecting a station on the map, it is possible to check the vehicles availability and the number of free parking slots.

(2) Booking a vehicle

COMS and i-ROAD ultra-compact electric vehicles can be reserved by indicating departure and arrival stations.

(3) Modification or cancellation

Current reservations can be modified (new destination) or fully canceled.

(4) Vehicle activation

In order to start the vehicle, it is necessary to assess the cleanliness of the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

(5) Recording favorites

It is possible to save time by recording the most attractive departure and arrival stations. Those stations will be automatically presented during the reservation process.

** Instructions **
It is strictly forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving. If necessary, please park the vehicle in a safe place before using your cell phone.

** Operating systems
Android 2.3.4 –

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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