Smart Public Transport – Welcome to Smart Public Transport !

Smart Public Transport

Welcome to Smart Public Transport !

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This application is provided by Tandem Association for the benefit of blind visually impaired. It is the result of a project financed by Vodafone Foundation Romania and developed by Onyx Beacon. The current version is developed in order to make the public transport in Bucharest more accessible and benefits from the full support of RATB.

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Smart Public Transport detects which public transport vehicle will arrive at the station and informs the user when the line of interest approaches the station. This is done by alerts triggered by beacons attached to the arriving transport units. The first alert level consists of a text notification that pops-up on the phone screen, without the need to have the app opened. If the pop-up alert was missed, the user can open the application and check the Latest Arrivals list. In order to receive the alerts to specific transport lines, the user can select the preferred lines. When the vehicle of interest for the mobile user arrives in the bus stop, the beacon mounted on the vehicle emits a beep signal, helping the user board at the right vehicle.
This application is a supplementary tool and not a stand alone orientation system for the blind people. It’s producers are not to be held responsible for any errors caused by the quality of the Bluetooth signal, by last-minute changes in the number of the public transport vehicle or by atmospheric interferences which may occur in some situations.
The application requires Bluetooth to be turned on but does not require an internet connection at the bus stop.

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