Partiu Facu – Facu left -The ride to college in his hands.

Partiu Facu

Facu left -The ride to college in his hands.

Partiu Facu screenshot 0Partiu Facu screenshot 1Partiu Facu screenshot 2Partiu Facu screenshot 3Partiu Facu screenshot 4Partiu Facu screenshot 5

The Departed Facul began to be developed in December 2015 by three students of Information Systems UFVJM, in order to create a unified tool and an effective method to get a ride to go to classes in the Campus II. It is a platform to be able to ride quickly and safely without the need to post on Facebook or WhatsApp groups.

        The application works simply: who is going to the Campus II and has vacancies in the car, disclose in the application number of places available and the value it (a) will charge for the ride, the price shall be the sum of costs ( gasoline, manunteção, etc.) divided by the number of vacancies. Those who want to ride the Campus II will seek carpools available that day and select the ride that is more convenient.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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