Карта ТТС Тюмень – Loading information about the balance of transport map site oao-tts.ru.

Карта ТТС Тюмень

Loading information about the balance of transport map site oao-tts.ru.

Карта ТТС Тюмень screenshot 0Карта ТТС Тюмень screenshot 1Карта ТТС Тюмень screenshot 2Карта ТТС Тюмень screenshot 3Карта ТТС Тюмень screenshot 4Карта ТТС Тюмень screenshot 5

Loads information about the balance of transport card from the site oao-tts.ru.
All information is stored in the application.
Loading occurs during application startup or manually (call from the menu)


The information provided may not contain data:
-O Travels over the last one to four days.
Oh cards are not used for 3 months (At the moment, steel display all cards)

I am not an employee of TTS and to avoid issues such as:
>> Why is there no online debit?
>> I assume that the update occurs every three days (that awful)
Below is the principle of operation (in my understanding)

Types of errors:
1) There is no data on the map
   This gives an error server.
   The Reason:
   Perhaps you have not used the card for more than 3 months, or information about using the card has not yet received by the server.

2) Information on the map is not found
3) An error in the analysis of the data on the card
   The Reason:
   Changing the format of the data provided. About this, please write me an email or in the comments.

4) Error connecting to server
   The Reason:
   No internet connection or the server is not available.

How it works:
0) Data is stored on the card is encrypted (Map Mifare classic 1k)
1) In the fare, the conductor terminal overwrites the data, writing off money or reduced fare, depending on the type of card. While maintaining the operation and data cards at the terminal.
2) After the end of the working day conductors / drivers / someone else / terminals must be attributed to the “collection server” where there is a reading of data on transactions and data cards.
3) Thereafter, the database is updated.

As I understand attend “collection server” can not every day, but at least 3 days.
Another information in the database is updated with the completion card through fixed terminals connected to the network (there are stationary terminals are not connected to a network)

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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