OMV Filling Stations – Find easily and quickly all OMV Filling Stations at your fingertips!

OMV Filling Stations

Find easily and quickly all OMV Filling Stations at your fingertips!

OMV Filling Stations screenshot 0OMV Filling Stations screenshot 1OMV Filling Stations screenshot 2OMV Filling Stations screenshot 3OMV Filling Stations screenshot 4OMV Filling Stations screenshot 5OMV Filling Stations screenshot 6OMV Filling Stations screenshot 7OMV Filling Stations screenshot 8OMV Filling Stations screenshot 9

In addition to finding the OMV filling stations in various countries and the fastest route to them, the OMV Station Finder also has numerous additional features:

– the nearest OMV filling station in the current or desired location
– convenient positioning by means of GPS
– definable number of hits
– indication of route with all OMV filling stations, including distance
– ‘Augmented Reality View’ for easy orientation
– useful search filters, such as open 24 hours, VIVA, car wash
– detailed view of each filling station with opening times, facilities, card acceptance
– view showing the latest fuel price in Austria, Germany, Romania and Slovenia *)
– filling stations searched for frequently can be saved as favorites

*) The indicated prices are permanently updated in the detailed view at the specified date and time. This information is non-binding and subject to correction because changes to the prices are possible at short notice. For the purchase of fuel, only the prices indicated at the dispenser at the time of refueling are valid.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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