Offwigo Driver – Exclusively Taxis: Your Le.Taxi races of the Open-Data FREE!

Offwigo Driver

Exclusively Taxis: Your Le.Taxi races of the Open-Data FREE!

Offwigo Driver screenshot 0Offwigo Driver screenshot 1Offwigo Driver screenshot 2Offwigo Driver screenshot 3Offwigo Driver screenshot 4Offwigo Driver screenshot 5Offwigo Driver screenshot 6Offwigo Driver screenshot 7

*** Warning: This race attribution National Application is exclusively for Taxi Drivers ***

Get FREE today, racing from Open-Data Le.Taxi!

Why do we offer these races?

– As you know, our desire is to bring 15,000 taxis in France to cover all departments of the homogeneously metropolis. Although several thousand taxis have already joined us, the road is still long. We must therefore mobilize to achieve this. Offering shopping than other apps charge, we expect to accelerate the accession of all so that the application can be distributed OFFWIGO® Passenger quickly.

What should I do to enjoy the races of the Open Data?

– Simply register. It’s free, with no commitment or subscription …

How long sending races remain free?

– Until the launch of OFFWIGO® Passenger application. That is to say, until we will be 15,000 members. Then we together will determine the amount of the benefit in the public interest. For example, 1 euro per day if at least one race has been accepted …

Why Offwigo?

– Created by taxis for taxis OFFWIGO® is the first matchmaking platform Passengers / Taxis (Mobile Apps, telephone operators and internet), exclusively for independent taxis. It will offer from its public launch, the biggest offer ever Federated taxis in France covering all departments of the city.

OFFWIGO® aims to unite the majority of the 58,000 taxis in France through its multi-channel platform racing controls, to offer whatever the place, day or time, the ability to simply and quickly order a taxi.

Upon opening an account, a Passenger may order his taxi with a click from their smartphone, internet or by calling one of our hostesses. It will pay you directly with a credit card through the app or in cash if desired. He will then receive his detailed invoice by email.

Several Thousand Taxis throughout France have already joined us then, why not you?

Who owns OFFWIGO®?

– You, if you wish, by becoming a shareholder of the company OFFWIGO® (not mandatory to be a Member and receive races)!

We invite you to own your work tool through a stake in the share capital of SAS OFFWIGO® that will be majority owned by the Artisans Taxis. Beyond the annual dividends that you will receive, you will actively participate in its development by voting to General Meetings or by being part of the Executive Committee as an elected official to define the overall strategy, prices, etc …

See detail information and download apk file:


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