mobicargo – грузоперевозки – – System search of freights and transport.

mobicargo - грузоперевозки – System search of freights and transport.

mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 0mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 1mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 2mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 3mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 4mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 5mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 6mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 7mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 8mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 9mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 10mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 11mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 12mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 13mobicargo - грузоперевозки screenshot 14

MOBICARGO – system of online search for cargo and trucks. The system includes a set of tools necessary for all market participants automobile cargo transportation: it’s website and mobile app for truckers, shippers, for dispatching services. Whether you are looking for your car load or you want to send, and take the goods, if you need a single transportation or require the carrier on a regular basis. Thus, Mobicargo services act as a free online manager transportation.

The system uses the latest technology to help search for the carriage of cargo and carriers search becomes very accurate, fast and convenient. In the search results take into account the cost of the route, the distance to the partner, and other parameters. The system will offer you the closest to your location or cargo trucks that meet the search parameters specified by you in the system. Through our unique developments, mobicargo becomes the universal search site cargo in Russia and the world

Mobicargo mobile app for Android devices (in the near future for other platforms) has all the functions of the site. Using the app, you can stay connected from anywhere, instantly receive free alerts about new offers, place orders, search for cargo and trucks, free to communicate with other system users. The mobile app is designed for both drivers and carriers, as well as for cargo. If your smartphone is running on another platform, you can use the mobile version of the site.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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