Avis Türkiye – Avis Turkey mobile app is live!

Avis Türkiye

Avis Turkey mobile app is live!

Avis Türkiye screenshot 0Avis Türkiye screenshot 1Avis Türkiye screenshot 2Avis Türkiye screenshot 3Avis Türkiye screenshot 4Avis Türkiye screenshot 5Avis Türkiye screenshot 6Avis Türkiye screenshot 7Avis Türkiye screenshot 8Avis Türkiye screenshot 9Avis Türkiye screenshot 10Avis Türkiye screenshot 11Avis Türkiye screenshot 12Avis Türkiye screenshot 13Avis Türkiye screenshot 14

Avis Turkey mobile app is live!

Avis’s 40-year history is the story of the car rental in Turkey. surpassing the foundations were laid 40 years ago this sector crisis and has come to the numerous challenges today. First and responsibility of being a pioneer, Avis; 40 years lovingly peak journey continues safely and happily. It ensures that the summit is being held by customers with customer satisfaction and success is crowned with awards.

Develop new concepts and collaborations with the industry and supports the textile sector makes a substantial contribution to the development of other sectors.

With the global success realized the power it gets from the Koc Group is located in a different place in Avis countries.

Avis Turkey to thank all our customers, our employees, our business partners, our leaders at the summit in 40 years in our ongoing yolcuğu we thank you for leaving alone.

See detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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