Bongo+ – Bongo Plus provides users with bus predictions in Iowa City and Coralville.


Bongo Plus provides users with bus predictions in Iowa City and Coralville.

Bongo+ screenshot 0Bongo+ screenshot 1Bongo+ screenshot 2Bongo+ screenshot 3

*Created by Omar Tayh, UI undergraduate*

Bongo Plus provides users with arrival time predictions for the following three transit agencies: University of Iowa, Iowa City, and Coralville. Bongo+ is not affiliated with eBongo or the University of Iowa and uses the Bongo Developer API in order to provide arrival time predictions and route information. Bongo+ provides the ultimate Bongo experience that users have been waiting for, because I believe that students and the residents of Iowa City and Coralville deserve a better Bongo application.

• Full Material Design UI
• Dark mode!
• User friendly
• Pull-To-Refresh arrival time predictions
• Favorite stops and routes
• Widget that displays arrival time predictions for favorite stops
• Search stops and routes
• Route maps with markers (including stop info)
• Bus Locations
• Favorites are saved between updates and when you switch phones

• Internet: Pull arrival time predictions from the Bongo Developer API and weather data
• Network State: Check for valid internet connection
• External Storage: Google Maps
• Location: Google Maps, geofences etc.
• Google Services: Google Maps

Huge thank you to Megha Chandrasekaran for the amazing logo!

Feedback is encouraged. If you believe this app can be improved, feel free to email the developer below.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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