Driver-app – Drive is a completely new project for passenger transportation market of Ukraine!


Drive is a completely new project for passenger transportation market of Ukraine!

Driver-app screenshot 0Driver-app screenshot 1

Drive is a completely new project for passenger transportation market of Ukraine!
The project brings a new concept car call through a mobile application:
• ecoDrive (Economy cars are not older than 2005);
• Standard class (Skoda Octavia, and so on.);
• Business class (Toyota Camry and so on.);
• LuxDrive (Mercedes E-class W212, BMW 5, Audi A6)

Who became available a completely new and innovative approach to solving the issue of passenger transportation. You can forget about the boring and low-paid jobs taxi driver and dive into the world of competitive bids in another format. Demand for personal driver is growing every day, and the professional and competent people in this area is fairly small. Services of private driver in such demand due to the fact that the service is profitable for both sides: for passengers and for the driver. Reasonable prices for services on a daily basis allow to expand base of loyal customers, thereby providing drivers stable and high income. Keeping all of our conditions, the driver will be encouraged by a variety of bonuses and opportunities. Unlike taxis, using our services you are providing yourself a high quality service at a very reasonable cost.

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デジタル JR時刻表 Pro – Timetable application that can be customized depending on the purpose. "JR timetable", "MY LINE Tokyo timetable" of two books minute information on your tablet!

デジタル JR時刻表 Pro

Timetable application that can be customized depending on the purpose. "JR timetable", "MY LINE Tokyo timetable" of two books minute information on your tablet!

デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 0デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 1デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 2デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 3デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 4デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 5デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 6デジタル JR時刻表 Pro screenshot 7

“Digital JR timetable Pro” is a tablet version of the app of the familiar monthly magazine at the station and travel company “JR timetable.”
A wealth of railway information We offer full functionality of the Pro version unique.
First of all, please use in the 14 days free!

※ This app is all of the features from the first start in 14 days free after installation are available. After the free period is that you purchase a ticket, continue all the functions are available. It should be noted that, even if you have not purchased a ticket, you can continue to use the following features.

“Route map”, “route search”, “railways and travel information,” “Recommended accommodation”, “service information”

Functions and information ~ of ~ Pro version unique
[Off-line display] timetable page can be viewed offline.
[Multiple line display function] a vertical timetable side by side up to a maximum of three routes, you can check the transfer train.
[The train tables, and seat number Figure] Shinkansen, the organization table, seat number diagram of JR limited express train we are all car recording (regular train only).
The information of the highway bus company line of time] JR line, the third sector other than transportation will guide you.
[Domestic aviation timetable] aviation timetable of domestic will guide you.
And [tang tickets corner] A deals have been released throughout the year tickets, we will introduce you to pick up deals on tickets for a limited time to be released in accordance with the seasons and events.
[Station floor plan] to display the floor plan of the stations (only part of the station).

■ Vertical timetable
[Display customization features] departure time and arrival time, track number can switch the display / non-display, you can display only the necessary items.
In conditions such as [train narrowing function] date and train type, train name, destination, you can narrow the train to be displayed.
To [train sorting function reference the specified station, sorted the train departure time or arrival time order.

■ route map
[Index] function by tapping the station name, route name, airport name on the screen you can quickly view station information and vertical timetable.
[Route search function] to select from the route map departure station, arrival station, you can route search without a character input.
[GPS function] to use the GPS to display the route map to the center of the nearest station.

■ Station information
[Starting train guidance] to display the last two trains of time of each starting from stations each route-direction.
[Station departure timetable] to display the departure time list of stations.

■ train information
[Train More] The display shows information such as the train number, operation date, article.

■ route search
[Narrowing function] allows you to search down the transportation means to be used (bullet train, pay express, sleeper train, airplane, etc.).
[Link] function Vertical timetable and train information from the route search results, you can display the station information.
[IC fare corresponding] can be displayed by switching the ticket fare · IC card fare.
[18 ticket search] route utilizing the youth 18 ticket “You can search.
■ Other content
[JR news] will introduce the timely information of the timetable revision and JR group companies.
The [JR sales guidance] fare rates and various service facilities of the JR group will guide you.
On [rail and travel information] railway and travel, we will guide you through the season of information.
[B & hotel information] will guide recommendations of the accommodation.

■ use period and rates
30-day ticket 960 yen (tax included)
180 days ticket 5,400 yen (tax included)
365 days ticket 9,800 yen (tax included)

※ The number of days is the number of consecutive days from the available start date.

Detail information:

タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 – If you choose a taxi "Taxi pocket"


If you choose a taxi "Taxi pocket"

タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 0タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 1タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 2タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 3タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 4タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 5タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 6タクシーを選ぶなら「ポケットタクシー」 screenshot 7

taxi catch system “pocket Taxi” is, in the sense, such as taxi users have their own chauffeur, when you want to ride, at the location where you want to ride, it is possible to choose a driver that you want to ride, close of the operation hand also is an application that can also be suppressed fee from choice. Is innovative tools to help you to ride by selecting a good taxi driver beyond the framework of the taxi company was completed.

■ How to use [pocket] taxi!

1) conditions Search
Basically, the driver service attitudes and, and of safe driving
Rank, arrival possible time, geisha fee, taxi company
I will choose the driver to want to ride like to reference.
In addition, you can specify the location where you want to ride on the map, and Ya passenger seat
It is possible to notice the use hope of trunk
Smooth answering at the time of boarding is then you can expect
You can also be cheaper fee the arrival possible time to reference.
Also that it is the use of only pregnant women and children
it is possible to notify, such as above
Customers also matching with your correspondence can be the driver
Is possible.

2) flow of up to taxi election
After registering a taxi of conditions, you are in the vicinity
Registered driver, I will be announced through the app.
The driver that was the response of [adaptable], is your information
You will be notified. Then, it becomes contracts concluded with a confirmation of the driver side.
Also, instead of raising a hand when waiting a taxi
And that show the screen of the app have set a smartphone
[Pocket taxi] is a user of the signal!

3) After the ride
Once you ride the taxi driver, favorite
Registration can be, and ride for once registered driver
Reservations will be easy. The peace of mind service of for me,
Let’s increase the chauffeur of safe driving.
And, use after also ask the evaluation of driver.

■ mechanism of current taxi industry
So far, taxi users, the taxi company
and also be able to choose, be selected until the driver easily
It was a difficult situation. To outside once in a major taxi companies
The ball lands on if, for business conduct driver left, of good or bad
The evaluation of against driver rather than a taxi company
Things I will seems majority. [Pocket taxi] is,
“I do not want to ride in the cab of nasty driver.
The taxi driver may as long as it anyway ride
Responded to the voice of the user and that also want to ride “in Japan
It is the first time the taxi catch app.

However, current situation, there are still challenges.
The taxi catch system to hand operation, individually
For the mechanism for you to register, existing taxi radio
It is easy to be misunderstood to be a conflict with the system,
It has not been very welcome from the taxi company side mechanism
But, in the service of the user’s eyes the whole taxi industry
We hope to change.
Driver of user eyes is
that everyone is benefited by the increase that
Sincerely I hope.

Details of application, please refer to the here . You can also check the actual operation in the video. First, install the (free)! !

■ Corporation Cayenne other apps of system development
· pocket taxi driver version

Detail information and download apk file:

TrafficDroid – View the traffic and webcams from a generic data source.


View the traffic and webcams from a generic data source.

TrafficDroid screenshot 0TrafficDroid screenshot 1TrafficDroid screenshot 2TrafficDroid screenshot 3TrafficDroid screenshot 4TrafficDroid screenshot 5TrafficDroid screenshot 6TrafficDroid screenshot 7

1 ranked at Smau Mob App Awards Rome 2014

Only for ITALY.

Want to stay constantly updated on traffic on highways and ring roads?
Want to know the traffic forecasts?
Do you want to be able to view the webcams present on roads throughout Italy?
Want to know if accidents happen, queues, crossings closed, construction, transport and other outstanding on the roads you use?
Do you want to be able to calculate the highway cost?
Want to know the status of the stamp of your car?
You want to know how many points you have on your license?
Want to know where there are speed camera or Tutor?
Want to know if your blood alcohol level is off limits to drive?

If the dog is man’s best friend, TrafficDroid is the best friend of the drivers. It offers everything a driver has always dreamed. If you are a regular driver, once installed and configured properly you will not be able to do without it!

TrafficDroid is the best application to monitor road traffic because it is independent and combines information from various sources, all other applications use a single source!
It requires entry of the main providers for traffic data. On the project website you can find all the information you need.

Works on all devices 4.2 or higher, if you have problems mean that you have configured something wrong!

To contact me do not use the comments in the market because I can not answer, send me an email using the button contact the developer.

Suggestions are welcome!

Developed by Alessio Bianchi and Alessandro Scarozza

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: – City Bike is an excellent way to get around the city.

City Bike is an excellent way to get around the city. screenshot screenshot 1

City Bike is an excellent way to get around the city. But from a yhyttäisi when the kind most in need? To solve this dilemma, we developed an app that tells you where to find free city pushbike.

Let the sun caress your face and enjoy kaupunkifillarilla movement!

The number of wheels is not fully information in real time, but is updated through the interface within a few minutes. The sure-wheel availability, select the rack with many free bikes.

With this service, have made spare time Sampsa Kuronen, Antero Päärni, Lauri bishop and Hannu Leinonen. We have a day job in the reactor.

information supplied by the city on occupancy wheels, racks Helsinki: Services HSL is used. This information is open to everyone, that is, information about open data. Detailed information on the interfaces used to get HSL’s website.

Detail information and download apk file:

Motar ridesharing – Do you travel frequently? Would you like to save on your travel costs?

Motar ridesharing

Do you travel frequently? Would you like to save on your travel costs?

Motar ridesharing screenshot 0Motar ridesharing screenshot 1Motar ridesharing screenshot 2Motar ridesharing screenshot 3Motar ridesharing screenshot 4

Motar has been helping travelers just like you since 2007! It’s quicker, cheaper, more flexible and even more comfortable than any other alternatives of travel. How is that possible?

With Motar car owners can offer their available space in their cars for people who’d like to travel in the same direction at the same time. While sharing the travel costs together, they get to socialize as well!

If you have a car, just register to Motar and after sharing your travel information you can expect fellow travelers to join you soon!

If you’d like to use Motar as a passenger, simply register and search for destinations which match your criteria.

All our users have a detailed profile page where previous travel companions rate them, so you will have the peace of mind knowing at least a couple crucial information about the people you’re going to travel with.

Have fun!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

We’d like to hear your feedback about our mobile app at:

See more information and download apk file:

單車騎透透 – UBike CBike Pbike – Integration of Taiwan Bicycle Rental All Public Now, lets you ride through an APP in Taiwan

單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike

Integration of Taiwan Bicycle Rental All Public Now, lets you ride through an APP in Taiwan

單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike screenshot 0單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike screenshot 1單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike screenshot 2單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike screenshot 3單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike screenshot 4單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike screenshot 5單車騎透透 - UBike CBike Pbike screenshot 6

[Features and Functions]
– The integration of Taiwan Public Bicycle Rental Now
– Contains the following public bicycle system
  • YouBike (Ubike) system ‣ New Taipei City, Taipei City, Taoyuan County, Hsinchu City, Taichung City, Changhua
  • eBike ‣ Chiayi City
  • T-Bike ‣ Tainan
  • CityBike (CBike) ‣ Kaohsiung
  • Pbike ‣ Pingtung County
  There are ten counties and cities, so you can easily ride and let Taiwan
– Easy to understand overview of the situation in list mode and map mode to help you easily borrow the car
– Every time you do not want to re-search and locate? Will soon be common site Favorite Site bar
– By car fearing forget every 30 minutes off time? Do not worry, let ride timer to remind you of the car, do not have to pay money wasted
If suggestions or advice welcome letter
Please also feel free to give rating
Thank you for your use
Welcome to vigorously share this app

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