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FlightIntel is designed to be a resource to a pilot during all phases of a flight. It provides detailed information about 5500+ US public airports. AF/D data is downloaded to your phone and is available for offline use.


Please leave your ratings and comments to show your support and appreciation. Thank you.

* Full info on 5,500+ US public use airports
* Detailed Wx for all your flight planning
* Free data updates as per FAA data cycle

* Fine (GPS) Location – To determine current location to show nearby airports/wx stations.
* Full Internet Access – To download data files, weather, NOTAMS, AeroNav PDFs etc.
* Modify/Delete SD Card Contents – To store data files, cache weather data and PDFs.
* View Network State – To check if connected to internet and to determine if connected to WIFI for downloads.
* Market Billing Service – To allow donations to be processed.

FlightIntel does not use the obnoxious banner ads to generate revenue and never will. Also, providing data updates every 4-8 weeks takes a considerable time and efforts. Please show your appreciation by donating generously. Help me make FlightIntel one of the best in its class.

The AeroNav products (TPP PDF charts and A/FD PDF pages) are only available after making a donation. This is because due to recent policy change by AeroNav, I have to pay for the DVD to get access to the important metadata file. Please consider donating at one or both levels to help me continue working on this app.

Beta Testing
You can opt-in to test the beta versions when available here:


Follow on Twitter: @FlightIntel

User Groups: groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum/flightintel-users


Issue Tracker: github.com/nhasan/Airports/issues

Source: github.com/nhasan/Airports

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing FCs, please make sure you are running the latest release and have installed the latest data update.

See more information and download apk file: goo.gl/AuJPm2


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