Moov’in Nantes [Beta] – Check all your information mobility with the app Moov'in Nantes.

Moov'in Nantes [Beta]

Check all your information mobility with the app Moov’in Nantes.

Moov'in Nantes [Beta] screenshot 0Moov'in Nantes [Beta] screenshot 1Moov'in Nantes [Beta] screenshot 2Moov'in Nantes [Beta] screenshot 3Moov'in Nantes [Beta] screenshot 4Moov'in Nantes [Beta] screenshot 5Moov'in Nantes [Beta] screenshot 6

Moov’in Nantes is the application that includes all the features of the mobility in Nantes. In the program:
– Times of buses and trams;
– Routes;
– Geolocation;
– Bicloos Areas;
– Your favorites + Import / Export;
– A quick shortcut bubble;
– Widget;
– Parkings;
– Topics;
– Passage notification of a Bus / Tram;
– Weather;
– And many more features to come!

The application is still in BETA.
We’d love to receive feedback from you to improve our application.
Credits: SEMITAN, City of Nantes,, JCDECAUX.

Description permissions:

Location: Indispensable for geotagging depending on the application
Internet: Plays schedules on remote servers
Vibrate, wake the device notification: Allows the application to create a reminder with vibrator.
Read / write the contents of the unit: Function import / export your bookmarks
In app purchases: gifts

Download apk file for your android phone:


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