mon Transilien – A thought nothing app for everyday users and with them.

mon Transilien

A thought nothing app for everyday users and with them.

mon Transilien screenshot 0mon Transilien screenshot 1mon Transilien screenshot 2mon Transilien screenshot 3mon Transilien screenshot 4mon Transilien screenshot 5mon Transilien screenshot 6mon Transilien screenshot 7mon Transilien screenshot 8mon Transilien screenshot 9mon Transilien screenshot 10mon Transilien screenshot 11mon Transilien screenshot 12

MY TRANSILIEN application is a thought and with users. It concentrates useful features for travel in the Ile-de-France and adapted to the habits of each customer: his favorite stations, its next departures, the shops of its stations, traffic information and the work of its lines.

Great collective project
You are 3.2 million travelers from every day Transilien SNCF. We would be happy that you are as much to use our mobile app and it is with this objective that we have initiated a reform of the current app.

My Transilien: App thought for you

• The widget with a new design and new ergonomics
• Your favorite stations
• Now, the next 20 train schedules
• The information of your stations (shops, services and equipment)
• Traffic information and work on your lines
• Listening to your comments (telephone, mail, email, reporting cleanliness)

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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