MoveAppBG – Timetables ATB/SAB – Find a solution for your travel by public transport in Bergamo.

MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB

Find a solution for your travel by public transport in Bergamo.

MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 0MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 1MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 2MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 3MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 4MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 5MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 6MoveAppBG - Timetables ATB/SAB screenshot 7

With MoveAppBG you can consult the timetables of the main public transport companies of Bergamo with the possibility to choose the date and time of departure or arrival.

The application is not just a simple “poster” to see the timetables of the line of a particular company, but guarantees the search for solutions to travel between generic point of departure and point of arrival (eg the way of your own home or the ‘location of your office ..).

The main feature of this new application is its ability to find connections between the the same company or different companies, with the possibility to include or exclude specific companies.

It also provides detailed information about route as duration, distance and name of the line used, allows you to view everything on a map.

Currently available companies are:
– ATB (Azienda Trasporti Bergamo);
– SAB (SAB Autoservizi);
– TEB (Tramvie Elettriche Bergamasche);
– Locatelli Autoservizi;
– SAI Treviglio (Società Autolinee Interprovinciali Treviglio);
– TBSO (Trasporti Bergamo Sud Ovest).

It is hoped that the application can meet your needs. We welcome suggestions and recommendations for improving the quality of service.

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See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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