Mondo Ride – Taxi Service – Fastest way to order a taxi, travel safe, arrive on time at the lowest fares.

Mondo Ride - Taxi Service

Fastest way to order a taxi, travel safe, arrive on time at the lowest fares.

Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 0Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 1Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 2Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 3Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 4Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 5Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 6Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 7Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 8Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 9Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 10Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 11Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 12Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 13Mondo Ride - Taxi Service screenshot 14

The Mondo Ride app is the easiest, safest and fastest way to book a cab or a taxi in your city whether it is in Africa.

With a quick and easy signup process it will not take you long to book your first ride. Lucky riders can use their referral codes for discounts on their rides.

Book a taxi or cab with these simple steps:

1) Select your pickup location (could be your home, the airport, railway or bus station or your current location)
2) See the different types of taxis or cabs in your location as displayed in the map
3) Select the type of cab you want and tap GET ME A RIDE
4) Place the order and get instant confirmation with all relevant ride details. Select personal or business
5) Track your cab as it drives to your location

Once your trip ends pay with cash, MPESA, or your selected credit card. Your fare details will be emailed to you directly for your convenience.

Want to plan ahead for a taxi to airport or railway station? Call our local support centers and have our wonderful team book you a taxi in advance.

Leave the stress of travel to efficient and courteous drivers and enjoy your Mondo ride!

You can get fare details of different taxis from the app. Once you select your car category, simply press ESTIMATED FARE to see the rate card. Want a total ride estimation? Easy – simply enter your destination and the estimated fare will be displayed.

You can also tag work or business related rides as Corporate rides when you book cabs in the app. You will get invoices for these rides at your official email address. Companies can use Mondo Corporate for employee travel management. They can easily track and sponsor corporate rides when employees book taxis from the app.
We are simultaneously changing the lives of those who offer rides and those who need them.

People are increasingly relying on Mondo Ride’s effective services to book a taxi in their city. This is helping several drivers earn a consistent livelihood with integrity.

Visit our website for more information on the Mondo Ride cabs app and other Mondo services

You can always reach us at

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