Freecab – Freecab "The private chauffeur for everyone" made in France, gone worldwide


Freecab "The private chauffeur for everyone" made in France, gone worldwide

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Freecab puts you in touch with a private chauffeur within few seconds and in 3 steps, Easy, Safe, Reliable and worldwide. Find your Cab in few seconds where ever you are, pay online or cash, get free mineral water, free wifi and free rides for your friends by sharing our promo codes. Enjoy your freedom to choose your Freecab driver, your chauffeur wears a suit, picks you up at the exact time of your convenience and even the day of your choice. It rains ? No stress we have on-board a Freecab umbrella for sale , you can also choose from a large selection of vehicle classes, from the low-cost standard vehicle to the high class limo and even motorcycles. You can request a Freecab dropper to pick up or drop off a parcel, take-away food, supermarket shopping or a Freecab Trucker to deliver your large items, home appliances that you purchased from a furnitures store or simply to help you move your stuff from your place. Freecab offers in selected locations the Freecab copter and Freecab speed boats. It’s high time to enjoy your freedom and free time with Freecab everything!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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