Táxi São José – It is more than application. It is taxi.

Táxi São José

It is more than application. It is taxi.

Táxi São José screenshot 0Táxi São José screenshot 1Táxi São José screenshot 2Táxi São José screenshot 3Táxi São José screenshot 4Táxi São José screenshot 5

Application prepared for the new taxi demands of São José dos Pinhais.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/Qvo6tt


Arriva MyPay – Arriva MyPay you can buy tickets and subscriptions of the group arrives

Arriva MyPay

Arriva MyPay you can buy tickets and subscriptions of the group arrives

Arriva MyPay screenshot 0Arriva MyPay screenshot 1Arriva MyPay screenshot 2Arriva MyPay screenshot 3Arriva MyPay screenshot 4

Local public transport
Buy tickets and subscriptions of the group companies Arriva (ASF Como, SAB Bergamo, Brescia SAIA, SIA Brescia).
Renew subscriptions without having to go to the ticket office. The securities purchased will be downloaded directly to your smartphone.
You can pay by credit card or by loading the ‘Credit Transport’ credit card, Bemoov, PagOnline Unicredit or PayPal.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/9QlfKk

TocTocBox – TocTocBox – simple and affordable travel expeditions


TocTocBox – simple and affordable travel expeditions

TocTocBox screenshot 0TocTocBox screenshot 1TocTocBox screenshot 2TocTocBox screenshot 3TocTocBox screenshot 4TocTocBox screenshot 5TocTocBox screenshot 6TocTocBox screenshot 7TocTocBox screenshot 8TocTocBox screenshot 9TocTocBox screenshot 10TocTocBox screenshot 11TocTocBox screenshot 12TocTocBox screenshot 13TocTocBox screenshot 14

Offer space as you travel REDUCE TRAVEL EXPENSES or send what ‘you want in a few clicks. And ‘SIMPLE, CHEAP, FAST
Come and join in the community and works with those who prefer!

If you often travel by car or train to work and play, or you move normally in town ‘by metro or scooter or with a van and you have free space, please enter your itinerary and receive a refund to bring to target objects.
If you are a student or a worker out of the office but do not want to give up the Mother’s dishes or you move or even you forgot the charger the weekend at home, what aspects: entrust your things to a Community carrier, is fast, convenient and no size or weight restrictions!

Toctocbox is the alternative to traditional shipping methods, that connects those who have to send an object with people who travel and have free place with him, offering a faster collaboration service, beneficial, reliable and sustainable.
If you want to send forget the long waits and not pack up unnecessarily. Contact a community traveler and is a step to your items.
If you discover transport convenience to share your every move: for you a useful refund, an important aid for the environment.

Functionality of the app:
-module insertion simple and addictive demands.
-bacheca ad consultation
-Matching the most relevant ads with each request
Integrated -chat for exchanging messages and agreements between users.
-service of shipment tracking real-time and allows you to know at all times where you are your items
unique-code to authenticate the delivery operation
-exchange of feedback with selfies to witness the deliveries and guarantee maximum reliability.


See more information: https://goo.gl/oE7Uwu

Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver – Transport goods on the way & earn on every trip. Become a Lalamove Driver today!

Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver

Transport goods on the way & earn on every trip. Become a Lalamove Driver today!

Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 0Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 1Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 2Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 3Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 4Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 5Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 6Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 7Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 8Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 9Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver screenshot 10

Lalamove ( EasyVan ) Driver is an open logistic order receiving platform designed for van, truck drivers, and motorcycles in Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. If you are a van or lorry driver in Hong Kong or Singapore, you may install our app on your mobile device and start taking customer orders with your vehicle from all over the city with just a few swipes of finger. Join Lalamove ( EasyVan ) and earn more job income!

Please feel free to contact us for any queries:

HK Hotline: +852 3701 3701
HK Whatsapp: +852 6883 3283

Singapore Hotline: +65 6631 2828
Singapore Whatsapp: +62 8363 5303

Bangkok Hotline: +66 20345252

Taipei Hotline: +886-2-27485838

Manila Hotline: +63 9177135252

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/I6kh5w

monRER A – The RATP application that facilitates your movements on line A of the RER.

monRER A

The RATP application that facilitates your movements on line A of the RER.

monRER A screenshot 0monRER A screenshot 1monRER A screenshot 2monRER A screenshot 3

For easier and more serene travel, the new free application, monRER A RATP responds in real time to all your questions on the course of your journey.

Where is my train?
Watch Live the position and progress of trains in circulation. Viewing in 3D mode or online plan choice.

How long will I be bound?
Consult your estimated travel time and the next passing trains schedules …
What is happening on the part of line I frequently borrows?
Create and manage a list of your favorite journeys for quick access.

What’s happening across the line?
See the news over Twitter RER A, without the need to be subscribed to know the state of traffic.
Go to traffic information continuously updated by information banners or warning messages in case of disturbances.
A monRER The application is available in area RATP (branches of Saint-Germain-en-Laye / Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy, or Saint-Germain-en-Laye / Boissy-Saint-Léger).

See detail information: https://goo.gl/rQvU3g

TAXI BILBAO – Get your taxi from the app Bilbao


Get your taxi from the app Bilbao

TAXI BILBAO screenshot 0TAXI BILBAO screenshot 1TAXI BILBAO screenshot 2TAXI BILBAO screenshot 3TAXI BILBAO screenshot 4TAXI BILBAO screenshot 5

‘New fully updated APP !!!

You can now monitor your application and request more than one vehicle. Also request special services (card payment, pet transportation, etc.) and have a user profile with common addresses.

And you can also make advance reservations!

Get your taxi Bilbao Airport Loiu in seconds, directly from the app without going through the operator. In a moment the app will tell you what license number coming to get you and how far away.

We have available 250 vehicles in Bilbao and surroundings.

Get your cab in Bilbao and Bilbao airport in seconds Directly from the app, no need to speak to an operator. The app itself Provides license number and distance from you of the cab That will pick you up.

250 cabs available for you anytime, 24/7.


Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/S0r4P0